Step 2: Contract

Once the estimate is complete, we will meet with you to go over our estimate and answer any questions you may have. Once you have approved the estimate we will send you a Construction Contract. Upon your approval of the contract, sign it and return it to our office.  

Alternative Building Techniques

Central Coast Building Professionals

New Horizons

Throughout the 30+ years of Crizer Construction, we have explored various alternative and green building techniques. 

Step 1: The Estimate

The first step is to create a cost estimate for the project. The time it takes to complete your estimate depends largely on the complexity of the project. We will make copies of your plans and submit them to our subcontractors and material suppliers for their bids. Our in-house estimator will review the plans and create an estimate for the work to be completed by our crew. We use historical data from similar projects we have completed in order to ensure the most accurate estimate. We will then combine the materials and subcontractor's bids with our calculated costs and create a comprehensive estimate for the build of your project. Estimates are subject to change as choices are made by the owner during the build process, along with any unforeseen issues. 

Local Experts Since 1983!

Bob Crizer has been building custom homes and small commercial spaces on the Central Coast of California for 30+ years. We have a full service team to guide our clients through each step of their construction project.  

The Construction Process

Step 4: The Build

As every construction project is unique, every build process is unique. The experienced team at Crizer Construction will establish a close working relationship with you and your individual construction needs throughout the project. Project Managers, Laborers, and office staff will be available to answer any questions you may have during the duration of the project, feel free to reach out to any Crizer employee, as we are working for you. 

Step 3: Scheduling

The complexity of your project will dictate when and how the process can begin. There are many factors involved. (i.e. weather, permit status, availability of crew and subcontractors, and/or your schedule.)