- Tradesmen

Our employees are trained in various aspects of construction. As a general contractor, we can do it all. We have employees who are trained in Foundation, Framing, Siding, Electrical, Plumbing, Finish Work, Welding, Landscaping, Flatwork, Drywall, Drainage. Any task within a project can likely be completed by one of our tradesmen, whether we hire a sub-contractor or have an employee complete the work will be dictated by the size/scope of the project. 

- Crew Leads

Each Job has a Crew lead, these individuals are either Crizer Construction Employees, or licensed sub-contractors whose primary responsibility is the job which we assign them. The each of our crew leads have minimum 10 years of building experience, and are able to tackle any project they are given. The crew lead that is assigned to a project varies based on the scope of the project, we have crew leads that specialize in complex foundation and framing, budget framing and foundation, interior remodels, plumbing, electrical, repair work, etc. Each project will be carefully evaluated and the best person for the job will be assigned. The crew lead is tasked with keeping carpenters and laborers busy with tasks, they will communicate with project managers for their material and labor needs, but are primarily concerned with daily progress on the project. 

- Project Management

The need for project management on a particular project varies greatly. We build a supervision and management budget into each and every project. The Project Management staff is tasked with keeping a bridge between work being done on-site and the client. Depending on what type of project/ level of involvement the client would like to have, project managers will schedule regular check-ins, budget overviews, selection meetings, schedule sub-contractors, etc. The project manager position is the first point of contact for a client, and this manager will be able to resolve nearly all issues/questions/ideas. When there is an issue on a particular project that can't be easily resolved, often the project managers and Bob will convene, which equals about 100 years of construction experience. We do not believe in problems, we believe in solutions. 

Crizer Construction, Inc. and Crizer Design Company, Inc. are owned and operated by Bob Crizer. Bob has been in business designing and building on the Central Coast of California since 1983. Bob has surrounded himself with a very dedicated staff and crew who work alongside one another as a team. Our mission is to provide quality workmanship and attention to detail, and can be attested to by our long list of satisfied clients. We take greate pride in every project that carries our name. Client trust and satisfaction is always our top priority. 

Crizer Design, Inc. and Crizer Construction, Inc. are backed by a full service team. Each facet of the team assists in a different way to complete a project. 

In his early twenties Bob Crizer showed true dedication as a young carpenter. He arrived on time everyday, eager to work. After three years of apprenticeship, Bob opened Crizer Construction and Design, in January of 1983. Initially, Bob studied architecture at San Diego Mesa College while working at an architecture firm, Frank L. Hope and Associates. In 1979 Bob moved to Los Osos, California where he continued his education at Cuesta College, studying art and architecture while his wife Beth attained her degree in Nutrition from Cal Poly. Bob has always worked closely with the staff, crew and clients, managing all aspects of Crizer Construction and Design's projects. Bob has always realized the value of a hands on education in the construction and design field. He has structured his business ethics based on this philosophy, passing it on to all of his employees. His enthusiasm and dedication to his work has led to a fruitful design and building career. 

The start

- Office

The office staff is comprised of a full time office manager, who can aide and assist a client with any questions/concerns throughout a project. She is involved in both design and construction, and is often the best intermediary between a complex issue and a solution. The office manager works hand in hand with our bookkeeper. The bookkeeper is very proficient in QuickBooks and creates detailed bills, so the client has the opportunity to see exactly what goes into each bill. We operate primarily on a cost + markup basis, so having a bill which outlines all of the costs associated with a billing cycle is crucial to building trust with our clients. The office staff can answer any billing questions, as well as direct you to the correct entity to answer any other questions related to a project. 

- Design & Planning

Our Design Staff is composed of 3 Drafting Specialists, Each of which has been involved with design and construction throughout each of their careers. The drawing staff is held together by our full time Planner, whose job it is to keep jobs flowing through various specialists (architects, structural engineers, T24 Reports, Surveryors, etc.). The Planner also maintains a close relationship with staff in each of the municipalities that we regularly work in (San Luis Obispo County, SLO City, City of Morro Bay, City of Atascadero, City of Pismo Beach, etc.) , having a dedicated person to aide in obtaining a building permit is crucial to the speed and efficiency of a project. We work closely with all local municipalities, and our planner is available for consulting purposes, as he can often answer questions and assist a client without having to be deeply involved. 


- Labor

Laborers are given tasks by crew leads and project managers, they are utilized in order to speed up the project and keep labor costs down. These guys learn from crew leaders, and develop into tradesmen over the course of a couple years, their job is to soak up information and assist in any way they can. 

Design & Construction